Wound Care

doctor talking with the patient

An important aspect of nursing care is the prevention and treatment of wounds.

Wound care prevention and treatment are two essential elements in any comprehensive plan of care and our staff receives specialized training in the detection, prevention and treatment of wounds. One type of wound found in healthcare settings are pressure ulcers (bedsores), which can form when there is prolonged pressure on the skin. Other common wounds include punctures, skin tears and contusions (bruises). Wounds can be exacerbated by an underlying disease or condition, such as diabetes, poor circulation, infections, and autoimmune disorders.

Our facility utilizes a Vacuum-Assisted Closure (VAC) in the treatment of wounds needing more aggressive treatment. This technique is used for both acute and chronic wounds and works to speed healing by removing blood and fluid from a wound.

Our wound care nurses employ a variety of techniques to generate healing and enhance well-being.